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To Prove Myself a Villain? History, Controversy and the Ideas of Tyranny

This course examines five figures who have left dramatic and controversial marks on popular history: Richard III, Cromwell, Robespierre, Lenin, Mussolini. We will explore the historical realities behind the controversies.

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2015-01-15 16:40
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Document Coursework book

A selection of exercises related to the course.

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Link BBC History Podcast, Richard III Special

BBC History Magazine, History Extra Podcast, Lin Foxhall, Phil Stone and Matt Elton, Richard III Special - on the finding of his body (first 47...

Link BBC History Podcast, Cromwellian Regicides

BBC History Magazine, History Extra, Charles Spencer on Hunting the (Cromwellian) Regicides (first 32 mins)

Link Pathe News, Mussolini and the March on Rome

March on Rome, ‘Italian Demonstration, Mussolini in Top Hat, March on Rome’ , 1922

Link Putting Richard III on Trial

Article by Stephen Cooper
Published in History Today Volume 63 Issue 11 November 2013

Link The Richard III Society

The famous society dedicated to the promotion of Richard's memory - not entirely objective perhaps!

Link Robespierre and the Reign of Terror

A short video overview from the American broadcaster, the History Channel - some colourful scenes!

Link Lenin's Funeral, 1924

Billed as 'First and Exclusive' from Pathe News

Link BCW Project - British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate

Offers a vast range of material on the Civil Wars

Link Charles I's downfall from History Today

Article on Charles I’s role in his own downfall, by Graham Goodlad, from March 2009

Link The National Archives - Petition of Rights

Transcript of the Petition of Rights, 1628, which played a key role in Parliament v. Charles I tensions, and his assertion of ‘Personal Rule’

Link The Short Reign of Richard Cromwell

Article By Richard Cavendish, from History Today Volume 59 Issue 5 May 2009

Link John Thurloe, Cromwell’s Spymaster

Short biog and portraits of Thurloe, from the Government’s art collection

Link Assessing Cromwell’s Legacy

Article from the New Statesman, December, 2010

Document Timeline: The War of the Roses

A brief timeline showing the key phases of the War of the Roses

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Document Timeline: Cromwell's Era

A brief timeline showing the key phases of Cromwell's Era

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Link The French Revolution: Ideas and Ideologies

An overview of the ideological influences on the French Revolution.
From an article by Maurice Cranston in History Today, Volume 39 Issue 5...

Document Timeline:The French Revolution

A brief overview of the key events of revolution from its causes to the downfall of the monarchy.

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Link The Role and Reign of Louis XVI

A biography of Louis XVI from BBC History

Link The Early Years of Marie-Antoinette

Article by Richard Cavendish, from History Today, Volume 55 Issue 11 November 2005

Document Robespierre and the Reign of Terror Timeline

Timeline of key events in Robespierre's rise and fall

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Document Russian Revolution timeline

A timeline of key issues and events leading to the collapse of Tsardom and the February Revolution

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Document Lenin's Rise to Power - key timeline

A timeline showing key issues and events associated with Lenin's takeover of Russia

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Document The Rise of Italy timeline

Timeline of the key events leading to the creation of the Italian state.

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Document Mussolini's Rise & Fall: Timeline

Timeline of the key events leading to the rise of Mussolini and his policies and actions

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