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Reading Latin Texts

This language course will help you read ancient texts in the original Latin, using the commentary and apparatus of a standard edition. The set texts are selected from Horace Odes I - IV and Book 21 of Livy's Roman History.

The course is designed to help develop skills in reading of Classical Latin prose and verse, with the opportunity to discuss features of literary and cultural interest.  The focus is on reading and translating in the group setting and grammatical topics will be addressed weekly.  Students will need to prepare translation & practise their translation skills in their own time and regular assignments will be set. The course is structured around the critical reading in the class of a prose and a verse text - this year based on Horace Odes I - IV, with focus on Odes III, and Book 21 of Livy's Roman History.  Reading is scheduled to proceed at a rate of roughly 40 lines per week in the verse text and the equivalent in the prose text.  Students may use any edition of the set texts, but should obtain one with Latin text, notes and commentary.  The texts are available new, but should be very easy to obtain second-hand, especially through online sellers.

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Document Lecture Notes: Livy, History and Hannibal

 Lecture Notes : Livy, HIstory and Hannibal, for the Introductory Reading Latin Texts Class 2016-17.   This document is uploaded primarily to...

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Document Augustan Rome

Short introduction to Augustan Rome -lecture notes for Reading Latin Texts

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