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Title Subjects People
Plato: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, and Phaedo Philosophy Peter Wyss
First Steps in Formal Logic 2014 Philosophy Peter Wyss
MLA VIDES 2014 Architecture, British history, English literature, History of art, Philosophy, Theology
British Collectors of Classical Antiquities Archaeology, Classical art & archaeology, Classical Greek studies, Classical reception, Classical studies, Greek art & archaeology, Roman art & archaeology Steve Kershaw
Islamic Mystical Poetry 5 Religious studies Jane Clark, Stephen Hirtenstein
Rome`s Emperors: Part 2 Archaeology
Great Novels of Growing Up English literature, English literature by topic David Grylls
Islamic Mystical Poetry 4 Religious studies Jane Clark, Stephen Hirtenstein
Generative Leadership Economics Jane Corbett
From Hogarth to Spitting Image – Satire, Art and Propaganda History of art David Morgan
Statistics for Non-Mathematicians Mathematics Vasos Pavlika
History of Mathematics from Euclid to Wiles Mathematics Vasos Pavlika
Object Oriented Programming using C++ and Java Computer science Vasos Pavlika
Chinese 2 Chinese language studies
The Golden Age of the Romanovs 1613 - 1825 History by period
Fulfilment from Fiction Imaginative writing
A Special Relationship? Anglo-American relations from 1763 to the present History by period
Children`s Literature English literature, English literature by topic Sara Zadrozny
Loyalty, Locality and the Nation British history, English history, Modern history 1700-1799 Kate Watson
The Best and Worst of Times?: Culture, Crime, Identity in Victorian England History by period, Modern history 1800-1899 Kate Watson


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