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Title Subjects People
The Fall of Rome, Part 1: AD 284-376 Ancient history, Archaeology, Classical studies Steve Kershaw
Africa: Cradle Of Humanity Archaeology Diane Holmes
The City of Oxford, 1850 - 1914 British history, Local history Liz Woolley
Mineralogy and Petrology: The Scientific Study of Minerals and Rocks Geology Carol Lister
History And The Novel: Europe And The Shadow Of War 1914 - 1953 European history, History by period Kate Watson
New Ways to Write Imaginative writing Paul Bavister
Greek 3 European languages, literature & related subjects not elsewhere classified Maria Thanassa
Introductory Statistics for Non-Mathematicians Mathematics
Brief Lives: John Aubrey and the World of Seventeenth-Century Celebrity British history, English literature Fiona McCall
Understanding the Self - Theories of Personality Psychology Anna Scarna
Islamic Mystical Poetry 2 Religious studies Stephen Hirtenstein
Religions of China and Japan: From Confucianism to Zen Religious studies Martin Ovens
Philosophy Of Mathematics For Beginners Philosophy Martin Ovens
Housing Through The 20th Century Architecture, Building and Planning Other Daniel Scharf
Applied Ethics Philosophy Helen Barnard
From Hogarth to Reynolds: English Visual Arts of the 18th Century History of art David Morgan
From Civilisation to Barbarism? Western Britain in the Early Middle Ages Archaeology, British history, Ancient Celtic studies Kirsten Jarrett
Latin: Term 9 Archaeology, Classical studies Steve Kershaw
Introducing Geological Science Geology, Earth science Carol Lister
Spanish Through the readings of Latin American Writers Spanish literature, Spanish society & culture Rosa Arias-Yague


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