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Anatomy (B110): The scientific study of the structure and function of the human body, including tissues, organs and systems

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Link Fly brain and gut

Beautiful confocal microscopy images of the brain and gut connections in the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. Produced by PhD student Paola...

Entomology, Nervous system, Fruit fly, Brain morphology, Insects view
Link General Human Anatomy

A Youtube lecture series on human anatomy consisting of 40 lectures (about 50 minutes each) given by Professor Marian Diamond from the University...

Human biology, Medical science, Nervous system, skeletal system, Muscular system, Lecture series view
Link Human Anatomy course

A complete online undergraduate course of 12 units covering aspects of human anatomy including the central nervous system. Free course offered by...

Medical science, Human biology, Digestive system, Reproductive system, Nervous system view
Link Neurobiology course

A comprehensive online introductory course on neurobiology. The course conists of 10 units including topics such as electrical signalling,...

Neurobiology, Brain morphology, Nervous system, Neurotransmitters, Synapses, Motor systems view
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