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Behavioural biology

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Behavioural biology (C120): The study of the behavioural strategies used by organisms in their natural environment to maximise fitness. Includes foraging, social and reproductive (including parental care, sexual selection and mate choice) behaviour, behavioural responses to predators, communication, migration and homing.

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Link Advances in the Study of Human Cognitive Evolution

A lecture series comprising 11 lectures on human cognition covering a wide range of topics including the evolution of language, neuroscience and...

Animal Behaviour, Primates, Cognition, Human biology, Language, Cultural learning, Lecture series view
Link Animal Behavior and Welfare

A recorded lecture from Cornell University of the 2010 lecture by Temple Grandin from Colerado State University on animal behaviour and welfare....

Livestocks, Animal Behaviour, Pigs, Cattle view
Link Classical conditioning

A learning object produced for the X4L Colossus Project. It discusses Pavlov's discovery of classical conditioning when working in his laboratory...

Animal Behaviour, Learning, Pavlov, Conditioning, Psychology view
Link Evolution, Ecology and Behavior with Stephen C. Stearns

A lecture series consisting of 36 Youtube lectures (45 minutes each) on the topics of evolution, ecology and behaviour given by the distinquished...

Animal Behaviour, Natural selection, Sexual selection, Altruism, Genetic variation, Lecture series view
Link Primate Behaviour

An introduction to primate behaviour including detailed information on social behaviour and communication. The site contains additional contains...

Animal Behaviour, Pimates, Great apes, Animal communication, Social behaviour, Group living view
Link Tom Seeley: Honeybee Democracy

Prof Thomas Seeley from Cornell University give a recorded lecture in 2011 on honey bee democracy. In this lecture he shows how honey bee scouts...

Animal Behaviour, Entomology, Honey bees, animal decision making, animal democracy, Social insects view
Link Wikibook on Animal Behaviour

An introductory online textbook on Animal Behaviour aimed at first year university students. Gives a good overview but lacks details and is still...

Ethology, Online biology textbook, Learning, Tinbergen, Human biology, Animal Behaviour view
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