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British history

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British history (V210): Historical studies focusing on the British Isles.

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Audio Quiz 1: Historical Background

One of two quizzes on our period, this first one dealing with historical background.

First World War, Second World War, Vichy France, USSR, Weimar Germany, Soviet Union, birdsong, the plague, white guard, the reader, one day in the life of view
Audio Q&A Researching the Period (1914-1953)

A question & answer session with historians Linda Parker and James Platt

British history, European history, World War One, World War Two, womens history, Church history view
Document John Aubrey Reading List

A list of books and other resources useful for students attending this course.

Seventeenth century, John Aubrey, History of Medicine, Industrial history, Exploration, English Civil War view
Document Cavalier Poetry

Poems by John Suckling, William Davenant and Edmund Waller

Cavalier Poets, English Civil War, Royalists view
Document John Selden, Table Talk,

Quotations from John Selden's Table Talk (1689)

John Selden, Quotations, Lawyers, English Civil War, 17th century view
Document Thomas Fuller - Sayings

Some sayings of the historian and clergyman Thomas Fuller.  They're not in the Oxford Book of Quotations, but many of them should be.

Proverbs, Church of England, English Civil War view
Document Wiltshire witchcraft cases mentioned by John Aubrey

Extracts from W. Notestein, A History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 1718 (Baltimore, 1911) and Indictments for witchcraft on the...

legal history, Witchcraft, Wiltshire, Crime and Punishment view
Document Some 17th century clerical jokes from Nicholas Le Strange's Jest Book

Some 17th century clerical jokes from Nicholas Le Strange's Jest Book, published as Nicholas Le Strange, Lippincott, Merry Jeasts, 1974...

Religious history, Humour, The Church of Enga, Clergy, 17th century view
Document Sebastian Faulks Birdsong

Short extracts from Faulk's seminal work for criticism and review.

20th century, World War One, Novels, birdsong view
Document Course Outline

Overview of the course with weekly topics and bibliography

British history, European history, history and the novel view
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