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British history

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British history (V210): Historical studies focusing on the British Isles.

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Audio Q&A Researching the Period (1914-1953)

A question & answer session with historians Linda Parker and James Platt

British history, European history, World War One, World War Two, womens history, Church history view
Audio Quiz 1: Historical Background

One of two quizzes on our period, this first one dealing with historical background.

First World War, Second World War, Vichy France, USSR, Weimar Germany, Soviet Union, birdsong, the plague, white guard, the reader, one day in the life of view
Document Week 1 - Declaration of William of Orange.

An abridged version of William III's declaration. A full version can be found at An http...

Document The English perception of chocolate: from invigorating remedy to exotic indulgence, c. 1660 – 1760 by Emma Vickers

Chocolate arrived in England for the first time in the middle of the seventeenth century. Though marketed initially as a medical...

chocolate view
Document unit 6 The BUF and the Daily Mail

A Daily Mail view on the BUF and their opponents

Inter-War years, the depression, the 1930s view
Document unit 2 - What is the Third Estate?

A hint of things to come? The first signs of radicalism - What is the Third Estate? EVERYTHING!

1789, French Revolution, Sieyes view
Document Contents


Document Introduction


Document Introduction


Document Two Perspectives on the Execution of Sir Thomas Armstrong (1684): Tory Triumphalism and Dutch Distaste, James Drabble

This essay analyses two accounts of the execution of Sir Thomas Armstrong, which took place at Tyburn on 20 June 1684: the broadside ballad, The...

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