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Cell biology

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Cell biology (C130): Concerned with the organisation of the cell, cell membrane and cell communication.

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Link Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology

A comprehensive online introductory course to molecular and cellular biology comprising 10 units including topics on basic chemistry, metabolism,...

Online course, Mitosis, Meiosis, Mendel, Metabolism, Photosynthesis view
Link Systems Biology

An overview of the Systems Biology graduate course as taught in 2004 by Professor Alexander van Oudenaarden from MIT. The material contains...

Cell systems, Systems biology, Systems microbiology, Cytoskeloton dynamics view
Link Cell biology course

A comprehensive online introductory course in cell biology. The course consists of 11 units covering all topics in cell biology including cell...

Cell cycle, Meiosis, Mitosis, Organelles view
Link Virtual yeast cell

A virtual yeast cell developed by the University of Nottingham. Shows the position and shape of the structures within a yeast cell and allows user...

Yeast cell, Mitochondrion, Cell nucleus, Golgi apparatus, virtual microscope view
Link Online Biology Book

An introductory online book of biology for first year undergraduates. The book, written by Dr Michael J Farabee, concists of 59 chapters are from...

Biological diversity, Biodiversity, Paleobiology, Physiology view
Link General Biology

An introductory course to biology produced by Prof Brian White from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Despite the title, the course focuses...

Cancer, laboratory manuals, Medical science view
Link Kohn lecture 2010 - Cell cycle control

The 2010 Annual Kohn Lecture at the Imperial College London given by Professor Sir Paul Nurse on cell cycle control.

Paul Nurse, cell cycle control, Video lecture view
Link Cancer Biology

A comprehensive online course on cancer biology comprising 9 units covering all aspects including molecular biology, cell biology and cancer...

Medical science, Cancer, Cell growth, Cancer therapy, Human diseases view
Link Microbiology course

A comprehensive online introductory course in microbiology consiting of 10 units covering a range of topics including bacteria, metabolism, human...

Biodiversity, Bacteria, Human diseases, Virus, Fungi, Protozoa view
Course Human Cell Biology and Physiology

This course provides an introduction to human cells and cell types , their biochemistry and special functions in...

Human cells, cells view
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