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Classical Greek language

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Classical Greek language (Q710): The study of the history, grammar and use of Classical Greek. Includes acquisition, pronunciation and articulation.

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Course Ancient Greek 1

Ancient Greek is the language of Homer, Sophocles, Plato, the New Testament and many other texts. This class is designed for students with no...

Ancient Greek view

The Atlantis myth is unique in the corpus of Greek mythology in that it has no antecedents, and it has no genealogical relationship to any earlier...

Plato, Plato's 'Critias', Plato's 'Kritias', Greek philosophy, Atlantis, Pseudoarchaeology, Pseudoscience, Ancient Greek view

An interesting article "Reconstructing A Catastrophe: The Minoan Eruption Of Santorini". The Late Bronze Age eruption is sometimes linked to (a)...

Atlantis, Santorini, Thera, Late Bronze Age Eruption, Plato's 'Critias', Plato's 'Kritias', Plato's 'Timaeus', Plato's 'Timaios', Archaeology, Volcanoes, Pseudoarchaeology, Pseudoscience view
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