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Computer science

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Computer science (I100): The study of the design and application of electronic computer systems, including computer architectures, software and systems design.

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Link Applied stats algorithms

This link provides further links to applied stats algorithms. All algorithms have been supplied directly by the author and the journal in which...

Algorithms view
Course Big Data and Data Science: What is it all about?

An introduction to Big Data and Data Science (making no assumptions of prior knowledge of the subject).

big data, Data Science Analytics view
Link Collection of podcasts on scientific subjects

This is a collection of podcasts which cover a variety of research topics in science.

Link Computer Simulator

This is a link which enables the user to down load a program which simulates the ‘insides’ of a computer.

Course Cybersecurity and Networks

This is a computer networks and cybersecurity course which focuses on network terminology and protocols, local-area networks (LANs), wide-area...

Networks, Cybersecurity, IoT, IoE, CISCO view
Link Data Mining toolkit

This is a link for a freeware sown load of WEKA a Data Mining toolkit which has been around for about 20 years. Its use requires some Data Mining...

Data mining view
Link Easy to use Data Ming software for beginners

This a link for easy to use Data Ming software for beginners. It is available on 3 different platforms.

Data mining view
Document Friends Week 7

Slides from Week 7

Document Further control structures

Week 4 slides

Document Inheritance week 8

Slides for week 8

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