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Earth science

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Earth science (F640): The study of the earth as a unified system; includes earth resources, surface and crustal processes.

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Document Geological timescale

Stratigraphic column (Open University)

Document Earth's chemical composition and mineralogy

Table of rock types and minerals forming the Earth's core, mantle, oceanic crust and continental crust.

Link Mountain building in Scotland

An Open University course trhat gives an account of the origin and demise of the ancient scottish mountain range, based on the geological evidence...

Mountain building, Mountains view
Link United States Geological Survey

This is one of many USGS websites. Here you will find links to numerous web pages provided by USGS and the Smithsonian Institution.

Plate tectonics, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Fossils view
Link Natural History Museum, London

Short articles, illustrations, videos, external links.  Find geology topics under rocks and minerals, fossils, evolution, natural disasters.

Rocks, Minerals, Fossils, Evolution, Climate, oceans view
Link Discovering Fossils (one of their many websites)

Information about fieldwork localities in Britain, with particular emphasis on fossils to be collected. Aimed at families with children, but...

Geology fieldwork, Fossils, Palaeontology, Geology of the British Isles view
Link Virtual microscope (Open University)

Photomicrographs of rock types, including Moon rocks and meteorites.  Interactive site.  Currently not many slides available, but they hope to...

Petrology, Mineralogy, Thin sections, Moon rocks, Meteorites view
Link Geological processes in the British Isles

A course from the Open University that explores the processes that have shaped the British landscape over time, giving insight into the geological...

Geology of the British Isles view
Link The Moon

An Open University course that will teach you about the nearest planetary body to Earth: the missions to the Moon, the basic facts of its...

Moon, Moon rocks view
Link Your Planet Earth

A series of powerpoint presentations designed for schoolteachers, but also suitable for adults studying introductory geology. This is part of an...

Volcanoes, Dinosaurs, Natural hazards, Plate tectonics, Climate change, Oil and gas, Geological time, Rocks, Minerals, Ice ages, History of life, Evolution view
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