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Earth science

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Earth science (F640): The study of the earth as a unified system; includes earth resources, surface and crustal processes.

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Document Geological timescale

Stratigraphic column (Open University)

Document Earth's chemical composition and mineralogy

Table of rock types and minerals forming the Earth's core, mantle, oceanic crust and continental crust.

Link Your Planet Earth

A series of powerpoint presentations designed for schoolteachers, but also suitable for adults studying introductory geology. This is part of an...

Volcanoes, Dinosaurs, Natural hazards, Plate tectonics, Climate change, Oil and gas, Geological time, Rocks, Minerals, Ice ages, History of life, Evolution view
Link Paleomap Project of Christopher R Scotese

Good maps and descriptive material, plus animations.  Contains free downloads and information for ordering further resources.  Scientifically...

Palaeogeography, Plate tectonics, Earth History, Stratigraphy, Palaeoclimates view
Link Penn State University, Dept of Geosciences

On-line course materials for Earth 520, Plate tectonics and People.

Explanation, diagrams, animations, further reading and exercises.

Plate tectonics, Seismology, Rocks, Earth's interior view
Link Geological Society of London

Photo library, explanations and examples of geological phenomena, links to publications.

Although the Geological Society serves the...

Rocks, Earthquakes, Volcanoes view
Link Earth’s physical resources: petroleum

Intermediate level course from the Open University on petroleum.  the course begins by examining the geological characteristics of petroleum and...

Petroleum geology view
Link Plate tectonics

An OPen Unuversity course on plate tectonics.

Plate tectonics view
Link British Geological Survey

The Geology of Britain viewer allows the user to click on any place in Britain and find out what rock outcrops there. Geological maps can be...

Geological maps, Geology of the British Isles, Geological survey, Bedrock view
Link Geological Conservation Review (GCR)

Website giving details of field localities.  The Geological Conservation Review Series is a set of printed books, produced by the Joint Nature...

Regional geology, Geology fieldwork, Stratigraphy, Geology of the British Isles view
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