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English language (Q310): The study of the history, grammar and use of English. Includes pronunciation and articulation.

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Document The fear of the ‘Other’ and anti-semitism: Representations of the Jews in Punch and Bram Stoker’s Dracula in the light of rising English nationalism, Stephanie Winkler

Othering is a common practice: who am I? In order to answer this question, one must first define who one is not. In nineteenth-century England,...

anti-semitism, nationalism, 19th century view
Document ‘Sounding of the Voice’: Interpreting the Earl of Rochester’s Epilogue to Love in the Dark through an Analysis of Matthew Locke’s Musical Score to Psyche, Thomas J. du Plessis

This article explores the Earl of Rochester’s Epilogue to Love in the Dark through the music drama Psyche by Thomas Shadwell set to music by...

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