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Fine art (W100): The aesthetic representation in one medium of what is reality in another. Encompasses all artistic media.

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Link George Romney: Emma Hart as Circe c.1782

This link takes to to some useful information about George Romney's painting of  Emma Hart as Circe, c.1782, in the Tate Gallery, London

Emma Hamilton, Emma Hart, Nelson, Sir William Hamilton, George Romney, Portraiture, Collectors, 18th century, Long 18th Century view
Document 1. Introduction

Introduction to Vides Volume 6 - 2018.

Document A presentation of the contemporary human condition in Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach and William Holman Hunt’s Our English Coasts, 1852 (Strayed Sheep) by Alexandra Mayson

More than just lyrically and visually pleasing icons of their age, ‘Dover Beach’ and ‘Our English Coasts’ also invoke the contemporary human...

Pre-raphaelite, Matthew Arnold, 19th century view
Document Between The Spheres: Breaking The Boundary Between Private And Public Spheres In Wilkie Collins’s The Woman In White And William Holman Hunt’s The Lady Of Shalott, Alison Westwood

The nineteenth-century notion of a public sphere for male-authored content and a private sphere for female-authored content made the female diary...

19th century, Gender, Sexuality view
Document Christ in the everyday nineteenth-century experience: examining a collection of daily prayers and a painting of Jesus by Celia Jarvis

John Keble and William Holman Hunt produced work at the bookends of a century renowned for its scientific and industrial progress. Both men,...

William Holman Hunt, Pre-raphaelite, Victorian Culture, Christianity, Faith view
Link Contemporary Art in Times of Social Crisis

This article by Syrago Tsiara discusses the "political dimension of art" as a way of investigating critical social issues and, thereby,...

Modern Greek, Greek cinema, Greek culture, Greek language, Film Studies, European cinema, Cinema, Culture, Society, Visual arts, Politics of art, Dogtooth, Strella view
Document Covetousness and commodification: the eroticised female body and cultural representations of death by Natasha Shirman

The Victorian cult of mourning meant that the ritual of death became a visual affair, which placed women firmly at its centre. These gendered...

mourning, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Victorian Culture view
Document Edouard Manet and George Meredith: Two Interpretations of ‘The Heroic in History’, Hannes Frey

The American Civil War challenged the political imagination of Victorian elites. Abolition emerged as a primary concern, yet other issues...

Victorian Culture, 19th century, American Civil War, naval history view
Document Female Self-determination in Victorian Britain: Finding the parellels between Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Lady Audley's Secret (1862) and Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Proserpine (1874) by Sez Maxted

The gender history of nineteenth-century Britain can be seen as a gradual but determined female challenge against an overarching...

Victorian Culture, Gender, 19th century view
Document From gentility to genitalia: the koto, a Japanese writing box and the transformative power of Dante Gabriel Rossetti by Timothy Hanson

In the latter half of the nineteenth century, a wave of interest in Japan that was comparable to Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa, broke upon...

Japonisme, Pre-raphaelite, Dante Gabriel Rossetti view
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