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Fine art (W100): The aesthetic representation in one medium of what is reality in another. Encompasses all artistic media.

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Document The Nocturne and the ‘Native Village’: contrasting Japonismes in late-Victorian London by Jonathan Parker

This article contrasts two manifestations of the late-Victorian fascination with Japonisme – James Whistler’s painting Nocturne in Blue and Silver...

Japonisme view
Document Know thyself? Did Phrenology help William Powell Frith address middleclass Victorian crowd anxiety? by Jane de Beneducci

Lorenzo Niles Fowler’s Phrenology bust of circa 1850 has achieved a modern iconic status as an artefact that represents either a quackish...

phrenology, Victorian Culture view
Document Between The Spheres: Breaking The Boundary Between Private And Public Spheres In Wilkie Collins’s The Woman In White And William Holman Hunt’s The Lady Of Shalott, Alison Westwood

The nineteenth-century notion of a public sphere for male-authored content and a private sphere for female-authored content made the female diary...

19th century, Gender, Sexuality view
Document King Edward VI and the Pope and Elizabeth I: Drawing Parallels in Tudor Group Portraits and Texts, Chelsea Swales

For over fifty years, ‘King Edward VI and the Pope or An Allegory of the Reformation under Edward VI’ has posed a mystery. The anonymous painting...

Tudor, art history, Portraits, Text, Elizabeth I view
Document 1. Introduction

Introduction to Vides Volume 6 - 2018.

Document Taming the Goddess: Managing male fear and desire in late Victorian England: Astarte Syriaca (1877) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and She (1887) by H. Rider Haggard by Brian Holland

Fear and sexual desire have often gone hand in hand, but Victorian men were particularly prone to the affliction. Each of these...

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Pre-raphaelite, Victorian view
Document Tipu Sultan's Slippers and Colonel Mordaunt's Cock Match: Footwear, identity and violence in eighteenth-century India by Martin Moran

Following his defeat by the British in 1799, Tipu Sultan’s treasures were plundered and transported back to Britain, including a pair...

Clothing & fashions, Cultural Identity, Eighteenth Century view
Document Pastoral perfection or tormented toil? contrasting views of rural labour in the second half of the nineteenth century, in works by Richard Jefferies and John Linnell by Catherine Usher

This article considers and contrasts the representations of the life of the agricultural labourer in the second half of the nineteenth century by...

Agriculture, Victorian Culture view
Document Edouard Manet and George Meredith: Two Interpretations of ‘The Heroic in History’, Hannes Frey

The American Civil War challenged the political imagination of Victorian elites. Abolition emerged as a primary concern, yet other issues...

Victorian Culture, 19th century, American Civil War, naval history view
Document The Female Artist in the mid-Victorian Period: Emily Mary Osborn’s Nameless and Friendless (1857) and the 1859 Petition to the Royal Academy, Adrienne McKenna

The 1857 painting by Emily Mary Osborn titled ‘Nameless and Friendless’ and the 1859 petition to the Royal Academy to provide tuition to female...

Victorian Culture, Gender, Art, 19th century view
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