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French history

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French history (V221): Historical studies of France.

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Document Albert Camus' The Plague

Short extracts from Camus' seminal work for criticism and review.

French history, Second World War, Nazi Germany view
Document unit 5

Key events and issues from the Thermidorean period

1789, 1792, 1794, French Revolution, Robespierre view
Document unit 6

Extracts from Paine's Rights of Man - vivdly exposing the tensions between the two men, and between British whigs generally in the face of the...

1790s, French Revolution, Thomas Paine, Edmund Burke view
Document unit 8

A declaration of loyalty from a popular association, in the year war was declared

1790s, French Revolution, loyalism view
Document Liberty, Licentiousness & the Law

Extracts from a Charge to a Grand Jury in 1792, illustrating the wide ranging cultural effects of French Terror - and indeed British anti-Terror...

1792, Georgian Britain, william pitt, Terror, French Revolution, Jacobinism view
Document Key Comparative Timelines

A look at key events in France and Britain during the period

1789, 1794, 1792, 1790s, French Revolution view
Document unit 4

A (chilling?) insight into Robespierre's thinking!

1792, 1794, Robespierre, French Revolution view
Document Key Timeline Interwar France

Some key dates and themes related to interwar France and the impact of Occupation

Occupied France, Vichy France, Second World War view
Document unit 6

The British reaction to the French revolution - key timeline and events

1789, 1790s, Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, william pitt, king george III, Whigs, tories view
Document unit 7

Pitt's government on the growing and inherent dangers of 'French Principles'

1790s, william pitt, French Revolution view
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