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Geology (F600): The study of the origin, history, structure and composition of the earth. Encourages understanding of environmental problems and includes techniques on searching for mineral resources and other raw materials.

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Course Mineralogy and Petrology: The Scientific Study of Minerals and Rocks

The fundamental building blocks of Planet Earth: understood through studying rocks & minerals as hand specimens, through the petrological...

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Course Introducing Geological Science

Geology uses all the sciences to explain the workings of our planet: Earth’s origin, its composition, continents and oceans, mountains,...

Link Plate tectonics

An OPen Unuversity course on plate tectonics.

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Link Pangaea

An open access library containing data-sets in Earth and environmental sciences including ecology. Hosted and maintained by the Alfred Wegener...

Open data-sets, Atmosphere, Water, Sediments, Oceanography view
Link 3D Fossil collection

The GB3D Type Fossils Online project, funded by JISC, aims to develop a single database of...

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Link Ian West’s Geology websites

Undergraduate level descriptions of field localities, with geological maps, photos and references. This URL is for the index to Dr IM West’s many...

Geological fieldwork, Geology of the British Isles view
Link USGS (United States Geological Survey) Earthquake Hazards Program

"Realtime earthquake map" and details of earthquakes occurring now (with auto-update by the minute) and over the past seven days.  Click on any...

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Link News and information about geology.

Go to Articles on top bar, to get a wide range of descriptive articles with illustrations, e.g. minerals, rocks, fossils, and much more.


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Link Open Educational Resources: Geology

A general website leading to various OER in geology.  Search for geology, and select post-secondary for undergraduate-level material.  Text,...

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Link Geological processes in the British Isles

A course from the Open University that explores the processes that have shaped the British landscape over time, giving insight into the geological...

Geology of the British Isles view
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