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German language

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German language (R210): The study of the German language, its structure, history, grammar and use. Includes acquisition, pronunciation and articulation.

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Document German 3 week 29 notes and glossary - answers to word order tasks

as above

Document Final week term 3 - Straftaten

Powerpoint with notes and

Document German 3 week 28 glossary of vocabulary

notes from last week's session

Link 'Bitesize' German

A BBC course for GCSE students with Listening and Reading speaking and writing basic and higher levels of German including basic Grammar

Elementary German, Beginners German, German Language view
Link Einen Brief schreiben

Short matching exercises (matching answers to questions asked in German in the letter) followed by vocabulary notes to complete the letter....

German Language, Advanced German, Beginners German, German Intermediate view
Link German Converstions & Dialogues

30 videos of everyday scenes from German life to support comprehension of everyday language.

Intermediate German, Advanced German, German listening view
Link Fragebildung

Students will learn how to form different kinds of questions in German (yes-no questons etc.) by ...

Elementary German, Beginners German, Advanced German view
Link ESL test

it tests grammar, vocabulary and reading- comprehension for intermediate, going gradually; reading comprehension. by ...

German Language, Advanced German, German Intermediate view
Link Die Lindenstrasse

TV 'Das Erste' daily soap opera (about 1400 episodes have run so far) in simple everyday German and easy-to-follow plot-line. Everyday German...

German comprehension view
Link The German passive with 'sein' and 'werden'.

A set of exercises, with explanations and solutions, on the use of the German passive with 'sein' and 'werden'. Suitable for CEF levels B1 and B2...

Elementary German, Beginners German, German Intermediate, Advanced German, German Language view
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