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German society & culture

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German society & culture (R230): The study of German society and culture.

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Link A reading and translation of Goethe's poem Das Rosenband

Goethe's poem Das Rosenband performed by Christian Wewerka in German, with text and synchronised translation. From the Goethe Podcasts web site,...

Advanced German, German Language, German Intermediate, Arts and History; Arts; German; Goethe; History; Lieder; Music; Poems; Poetry; Schubert, German Poetry view
Link Als wär’ es ein Stueck von uns . . . German Politics and Society

This essay by...

German history, European history, 20th century, Twentieth century view
Link ARD

Information and background articles and films of news, politics, entertainment on pan-German Television stations and radio stations. Some podcasts...

Advanced German view
Link Der Spiegel

Weekly magazine treating all manner of topical subjects of interest to German-speaking people. Covers topical subjects in complex written language...

Advanced German view
Link Determinants and consequences of the recognition of education among immigrants in Germany

Irena Kogan (University of Mannheim) discusses the determinants of immigrants' investments in official recognition of their education, and the...

Link Die Lindenstrasse

TV 'Das Erste' daily soap opera (about 1400 episodes have run so far) in simple everyday German and easy-to-follow plot-line. Everyday German...

German comprehension view
Link Die wichtigsten deutschen Filme

A comprehensive list of the most important German films from the early 1920s until the present day.

Film, Advanced German view
Link Elections, Parties, and the Party System

Lecture by Andreas Busch from 2007 on German Elections: Parties after 1945: continuities and change — Parties and the German State — The main...

German history, German Politics view
Link Freemasons versus Jesuits: Conspiracy Theories in Enlightenment Germany

Inaugural lecture by Ritchie Robertson as Taylor Professor of the German Language and Literature. Lecture title: Freemasons versus Jesuits:...

German history, 19th century, Eighteenth Century in Germany, European history view
Link German Culture, Media, and Society


Dr. Kurt Fendt

As taught in: Fall 2006The topic for Fall 2006 is...

Advanced German, Arts and History; Arts; German; Goethe; History; Lieder; Music; Poems; Poetry; Schubert, German Literature, German Cinema, German comprehension view
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