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German society & culture

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German society & culture (R230): The study of German society and culture.

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Link The Weimar Republic and the Rise of the Nazis: Using images and films as historical evidence

We are familiar with seeing images and film in the media - on TV, the Internet, in magazine and newspaper editorial. This resource will use images...

Link Freemasons versus Jesuits: Conspiracy Theories in Enlightenment Germany

Inaugural lecture by Ritchie Robertson as Taylor Professor of the German Language and Literature. Lecture title: Freemasons versus Jesuits:...

German history, 19th century, Eighteenth Century in Germany, European history view
Link Texts, Topics, and Times in German Literature

In diesem Kurs erhalten Sie einen Überblick über einige wichtige literarische Texte, Tendenzen und Themen aus der deutschsprachigen...

Advanced German, Arts and History; Arts; German; Goethe; History; Lieder; Music; Poems; Poetry; Schubert, Eighteenth Century in Germany, German Literature view
Link Germany and its European Context

This course focuses on main currents in contemporary German literary and visual culture. Taking Nietzsche's thought as a point of departure,...

Advanced German, German Literature, European history, Comparative literature, European Literature view
Link German for Music Lovers

Text and pictures of famous German composers and compositions with some English words to help understand the text by ...

Arts and History; Arts; German; Goethe; History; Lieder; Music; Poems; Poetry; Schubert, Advanced German, German Language view
Link Die Lindenstrasse

TV 'Das Erste' daily soap opera (about 1400 episodes have run so far) in simple everyday German and easy-to-follow plot-line. Everyday German...

German comprehension view
Link German: Regionen, Traditionen und Geschichte

If you already have a good working knowledge of the German language, this unit will help to improve your language skills, knowledge of German-...

German history, Advanced German, German comprehension, German listening, German Language view
Link Als wär’ es ein Stueck von uns . . . German Politics and Society

This essay by...

German history, European history, 20th century, Twentieth century view
Link German II


Ellen Crocker

As taught in: Spring 2005In this course students are...

Beginners German, Elementary German, German comprehension, German Language view
Link Schubert's Lieder: settings of Goethe's poems

This unit from the Open University looks at the short poems in German that were set to music by Franz Schubert (1797-1828) for a single voice with...

German Language, German Culture, Advanced German, Arts and History; Arts; German; Goethe; History; Lieder; Music; Poems; Poetry; Schubert, German Literature, German Advanced, German Intermediate view
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