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History of architecture

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History of architecture (V360): Historical study of building design and architectural movements.

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Course Furnishings and Interiors 1850 to the Present Day

The furnishings and interiors of the recent past reflect a changing domestic culture. This illustrated course will explore domestic life and...

Interior design, Interiors, Furnishings, Furniture, Designers, Twentieth-century, Nineteenth-century, Victorian view
Course Learning to Look at Western Architecture

This course is designed to enable students to ‘read’ the architecture of the Western world in a critically informed way. You will learn to...

Architecture, Classicism, Gothic, History view
Link Exploring a Romano-African City

A well contextualised introduction to the Romano-African city of Thugga, provided by the Open University

Roman architecture, Rome view
Link Arts of Asia

A very wide-ranging introductory-historical overview of the visual and material arts of China, India and Japan. This course contains links to a...

Link Modernist Architecture: Roots (1920 – 1929)

A brief, yet interesting, exploration of the innovations produced by such key early Modernist architects as Louis Sullivan, Mies Van Der Rohe, and...

Link The Triumph of the Baroque

A succinct and well illustrated overview of the advent and nature of European Baroque architecture

Link Buckminster Fuller – Thinking Out Loud

A neatly produced interactive visual (still and video), biographical and historical resource – relating to the work of Buckminster Fuller.

Abbeys view
Link The Once and Future City

A fascinating on-line course provided by MIT, which meditates upon the historical evolution of, and the nature of, contemporary (mainly American)...

Link Roman Architecture

A guided series of illustrated on-line lectures provided by Yale University, which give a fairly complex and detailed overview of the evolution of...

Roman architecture, Rome view
Link World Images

A wide-ranging, yet patchy and variable compendium of on-line resources (mainly visual) covering an extensive, and growing, range of topics in...

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