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History of art

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History of art (V350): Historical study of developments in the arts and consideration of art history methods and techniques. Includes the enhancement of visual awareness and expertise as an aspect of cultural history.

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Document The Art of Appearance: The Concept and Implications of Cosmetics in the Eighteenth Century, Alexandra Abrams

A study of an excerpt from Letters to the Ladies, on the Preservation of Health and Beauty. By a physician, (1770), and a boîte à mouches, (c....

Document A comparative study of Lady Hertford’s grotto at Marlborough and William Kent’s illustration of Spring in James Thomson's The Seasons. Richard D A Lamont

‘Poetry, Painting and Gardening, or the Science of Landscape, will forever by men of taste be deemed Three Sisters, or the Three Graces who dress...

History view
Document In Memory of Cathy Oakes

In memory of Dr Cathy Oakes

Document Dionysus in Marble and on Paper: Looking at the Culture of Collecting and Changing Practices in Conservation, Catharine O’Shaughnessy

During the eighteenth-century, many aristocrats collected ancient stone sculptures from Italy and Greece, for installation in their grand...

Document Ludicrous or lucid? Medieval costumes and royal politics in mid-nineteenth century Britain, Ian Hunter

This paper explores the motivation and impact of the use of medieval imagery on the notion of nineteenth century queenship by examination of Sir...

Document New wine in old bottles: A comparison between The Boxley Rood of Grace, and John Soane's Monk’s Parlour and Cell and Monk’s Yard, with reference to religious symbolism in material culture at the time of the Dissolution, and in the Romantic Era, E. Casey

This article compares and contrasts the sixteenth-century miraculous crucifix The Boxley Rood of Grace, and the architect John Soane's...

16th century, 19th century, Material Culture, religious symbolism view
Document Suggested reading on 20th century furniture design

Suggested reading on 20th century furniture design

Twentieth-century, Interior design, Interiors, Furnishings, Furniture, Designers view
Document Finding and Imprisoning Prostitutes in Victorian England: How Double Standards of Morality Led to Possible Violations of the Constitution by Patricia Penido Salles

Abstract: In the 1860s, Parliament passed three Contagious Diseases Acts to control the spread of venereal disease amongst the armed forces. The...

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Victorian, 19th century, Josephine Butler, Contagious Diseases Acts view
Document Pre-Raphaelite and Victorian ideals outside ironwork: William Morris’ Red House and William Holman Hunt’s Isabella and the Pot of Basil exemplify craftsmanship in an age of technology, Tori Reimann

Against the backdrop of technological advancements of the day, artist William Morris’ architecture in Red House and artist William Holman Hunt’s...

Pre-raphaelite, Victorian Culture, 19th century view
Document VIDES 2014 section 002


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