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History by topic (V300): The study of recording, interpreting and comparing developments of particular skills, artefacts, cultures or other areas of interest.

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Course Monarchy and Revolution 1625-1815

This course looks at Britain and France,1625 and 1815, when the very idea and nature of Monarchical rule came under persistent Revolutionary...

Charles I, Robespierre, Napoleon, English Civil War, American Revolution, French Revolution, Napoleonic Empire view
Course British Agricultural Revolution 1600-1870

Recent historical research has challenged previous ideas about the timing and nature of a British agricultural revolution when agricultural...

Archaeology, Agriculture, Agricultural history view
Course To Prove Myself a Villain? History, Controversy and the Ideas of Tyranny

This course examines five figures who have left dramatic and controversial marks on popular history: Richard III, Cromwell, Robespierre, Lenin,...

British history, European history, modern history view
Course The First War on Terror: Revolutionary France and the British Response

This course explores Anglo-French politics in the late eighteenth century when the outbreak of Revolution in...

Terror, History view
Link Pathe News, Mussolini and the March on Rome

March on Rome, ‘Italian Demonstration, Mussolini in Top Hat, March on Rome’ , 1922

Link Connecticut Resolutions on the Stamp Act

Connecticut Resolutions on the Stamp Act: December 10, 1765

American Independence, American Revolution view
Link What is the Third Estate?

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes: "What is the Third Estate? [Excerpts], 1789

French Revolution, Sieyes, Third estate view
Link BBC History Podcast, Richard III Special

BBC History Magazine, History Extra Podcast, Lin Foxhall, Phil Stone and Matt Elton, Richard III Special - on the finding of his body (first 47...

Link The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England

The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England.Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, 1609-1674

English Civil War, Edward Hyde, Clarendon view
Link The Boston Port Act

The Boston Port Act : March 31, 1774

American Independence, American Revolution, Intolerable acts view
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