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Irish history

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Irish history (V211): Historical studies of Ireland.

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Document Imagology And Iomarbhá: Representation And Contention In Early Modern Ireland, Donal Murphy

This paper examines John Derricke’s The Image of Irelande with A Discouerie of Woodkarne and Edmund Spenser’s A View of the Present...

Ireland view
Document On the Eve of Famine: Two Ideals of Irish Nationhood in 1842, Siobhan Frances Fallon

This article reflects on views of Irish nationhood. By the early 1840s, the effects of Union with Britain had generated in Ireland a desire for...

Irish famine, national identity, Fine arts, Newspapers view
Document See no evil: Representations of suffering during the Great Irish Famine by Eibhlin Inglesby

This article will compare two artefacts that portray the events of An Gorta Mór (The Great Irish Famine) of 1845-1852.1 These...

Irish famine view
Link Social Conditions in Ireland 1843

An article from the Illustrated London News published on August 12 1843 describing the general poverty and condition of children in Ireland with...

Ireland, Social history, Nineteenth-century, History view
Link The Depopulation of Ireland 1851

This article from the Illustrated London News published on May 10 1851 describes the very substantial exodus of people from Ireland as a result of...

Irish famine, Nineteenth-century, Emigration, History view
Link The Down Survey of Ireland (William Petty)

Trinity College Dublin project to create a consolidated digital atlas of the 1650s ‘Down Survey of Ireland’ surveyed by William Petty.


Down Survey, 17th century, Surveying, Historical Maps, William Petty view
Link The Poor Law in Ireland 1849

An article from the Illustrated London News published on December 15 1849 describing the effects of the poor law in the Irish town of Kilrush in...

Ireland, Irish famine, Social history, poor law, History, Nineteenth-century view
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