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Islamic studies

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Islamic studies (V622): The theory and practice of Islam.

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Document A Ghazal by ʿAttar

This love-poem (ghazal) by ʿAttar combines several metaphors for the burning power of annihilation (fana') that are common in his work: the moth...

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry view
Document Uftade: poems

A series of poems extracted from Uftade's Divan.

Document A poem on Love by Ibn 'Arabi

A poem with commentary by In 'Arabi from his Diwan, translated by Stephen Hirtenstein.

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry, Ibn 'Arabi view
Document A selection of poems by Sultan Bahu

A set of nine 'abyāt' (four line poems).

stical Poet view
Document Oneness of Being

An extract from William Chittick's introduction to 'Iraqi's Divine Flashes: it gives a clear exposition of the Oneness of Being and the Perfect...

Islamic mysticism, Islamic Philosophy, Ibn 'Arabi, al-Qunawi view
Document Samer Akkach on al-Nabulusi's visit to the Dome of the Rock

Samer Akkach, “The Poetics of Concealment: al-Nabulusi’s Encounter with the Dome of the Rock” Muqarnas 22, 2005, pp. 110-27.

stical Poet view
Document Baba Farid: a life of poverty

Popularly known as Baba Farid, he is one of the distinguished medieval Muslim mystics in the Indian world, most revered in the Punjabi communities...

Chishti, Farid, Punjab, Sufi poetry, Sufism view
Document Week 1: Shabistarī's 'Gulshan-i-rāz

Excerpts from Inquiry 2, on Reflection (tafakkur).

Shabistari, Reflection, Islamic mysticism, Islamic Mystical Poetry view
Document Hafiz: life and times, an introduction

This is a brief introduction to the life and times of Hafiz, considered by many to be the best lyric mystical poet of all time. We look at the...

Hafiz, Shiraz, Sufi poetry, Sufism view
Document Nizami extracts

Three extracts from Nizami's works, in Englsh translation, for study and discussion.

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry view
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