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Japanese language studies

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Japanese language studies (T210): The study of Japanese languages, their structure, history, grammar and use. Includes acquisition, pronunciation and articulation.

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Link Mic-J

AV Resources for Japanese Language Instruction developed by Tokyo Metropolitan University. Mainly designed for intermediate for advanced learners...

Japanese Intermediate, Japanese Advanced view
Link Japanese Speaking Drills 1-4

This is a material for basic conversation exercises. It is useful for group exercises as it contains questions and answers. It is suitable for...

Japanese Beginners, Japanese Conversation view
Link Sushi Test

The website is designed by the Japan Foundation. On this website, you can take Japanese language tests for beginners and intermediate learners in...

Japanese Beginners, Japanese Elementary, Japanese Intermediate view
Link Visiting a doctor in Japan

This material gives a list of basic words and expressions necessary for visiting a doctor in Japanese. As all words are written in alphabet, it is...

Japanese Beginners, Japanese Conversation view
Link Nippon VoiceBlog

This blog website gives audio materials about Japanese culture and tradition. The audio file is available for download as well. It is suitable for...

Japanese Advanced, Japanese Reading, Japanese Listening view
Link Linguistic Theory and the Japanese Language

This course designed at MIT is a detailed examination of the grammar of Japanese and its structure which is significantly different from English,...

Japanese Elementary, Japanese Intermediate, Japanese Beginners, Japanese Advanced, Japanese Grammar view
Link Advanced Japanese II

This material was designed at MIT for advanced learners of Japanese. The related resources section gives you a list of links to websites that are...

Japanese Advanced, Japanese Grammar, Japanese Kanji, Japanese Reading view
Link Japanese relative clause

This document explains how Japanese relative clause works, focusing on the difference between English grammar and Japanese grammar. As relative...

Japanese Beginners, Japanese Elementary, Japanese Intermediate view
Link The Daily Yomiuri Online

This is the website for one of the most read nation-wide newspapers in Japan. There are both Japanese contents and English contents. There are...

Japanese Advanced, Japanese Reading, Japanese Listening view
Link Usagi Chan’s Genki Resource Page

This website is developed by professors of Sacramento State University and has a list of hiragana, katakana, kanji and their stroke orders and...

Japanese Elementary, Japanese Beginners, Japanese Kanji view
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