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Mathematics (G100): The rigorous analysis of quantities, magnitudes, forms and their relationships, using symbolic logic and language, both in its own right and as applied to other disciplines.

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Link Help with Randomization investigations

The ‘freeware’ on this site enables users to carry out three types of randomization for appropriate randomization investigations

Randomization view
Link A quick way to generate random numbers

This site is designed for researchers and students who want a quick way to generate random numbers or assign participants to experimental...

Randomization view
Link A shareware repository

A shareware repository for most topics from Mathematics to Statistics.

Link a simple MS-DOS program for teaching and learning medical statistics

Clinstat is a simple MS-DOS program for teaching and learning medical statistics. Clinstat has no relationship to any commercial software of...

Link An open source solver platform

An open source solver platform for global optimization problems.
The code can be downloaded here.

Link Applied stats algorithms

This link provides further links to applied stats algorithms. All algorithms have been supplied directly by the author and the journal in which...

Algorithms view
Link Archived link for the results from the STATLOG project

This is the archived link for the results from the STATLOG project

Link Basic introduction to data mining

This link provides a basic introduction to data mining which can be used as a starting point from which to explore the subject area.

Data mining view
Link Calculations and investigations

This is a series of links which enable a vast array of statistics calculations and investigations to be calculated/carried out.

Link Cambridge statistics repository

This is a Cambridge repository of online materials to support the study of statistics

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