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Modern history 1700-1799

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Modern history 1700-1799 (V143): Historical studies of the period 1700-1799.

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Document Dionysus in Marble and on Paper: Looking at the Culture of Collecting and Changing Practices in Conservation, Catharine O’Shaughnessy

During the eighteenth-century, many aristocrats collected ancient stone sculptures from Italy and Greece, for installation in their grand...

Link Institutional hypocrisy: the Imperial Diet in the 18th century - a German Sonderweg?

Professor Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger (University of Münster) delivers a lecture as part of the "East and East-Central Europe: Special Paths (...

German history, Germany, Eighteenth Century, 18th century, Eighteenth Century in Germany view
Document Investigating Personal Character: Sir John Barnard – A Portrait and A Present for an Apprentice, Harold Pearce

The most highly influential business book of the twentieth-century was based upon the learning from over 200 years of success literature and was...

Portraiture, Social history, 18th century view
Course Loyalty, Locality and the Nation

In the eighteenth century, new concepts of national identity began emerging. In the process long established local identities were challenged. And...

18th century, Georgian Britain, Nationhood view
Document Pioneering ‘Polite’ Models of Disability in Eighteenth-Century London: Matthias Buchinger’s Self-Portrait (1724) and William Hay’s Deformity: An Essay (1754), Anne-Noëlle Pinnegar

Set against a contextual backdrop of contemporary British artists championing disability, this article explores changing attitudes to the self-...

Document Private Spaces for Public Consumption: Female Privacy as Erotic Satire in Eighteenth-Century British Print Culture, Ruby Rutter

Female privacy in eighteenth-century British print culture was often represented as facilitating salacious and debauched behaviour. The...

18th century, satire, feminism view
Document That-Which-Remains: A Phenomenological Reading of Two Eighteenth Century Texts on Death, Simon Demetriou

This article compares an eighteenth century treatise calling for the banning of church burial with a funeral sermon from the same period in...

18th century, Philosophy of death, Phenomenology view
Document The Age of Nature: Tracing the influence of Émile on the representation of boyhood in The Brummell Children and the opening chapters of Tom Brown’s Schooldays, Mark Grogan

No summary can do justice to the diversity of formative experience available in the late eighteenth to mid nineteenth century to the children of...

18th century, Childhood, Joshua Reynolds, 19th century view
Document The Art of Appearance: The Concept and Implications of Cosmetics in the Eighteenth Century, Alexandra Abrams

A study of an excerpt from Letters to the Ladies, on the Preservation of Health and Beauty. By a physician, (1770), and a boîte à mouches, (c....

Document ‘Come and Let Us Sweetly Join’: Engaging with the Dynamics of Early Methodist Practice and its Persecution through an Examination of Two Artefacts Related to the Love-Feast, Yvonne Farley

As proto-Methodism spread and developed in the early to mid-eighteenth century the movement was challenged by excessively vituperative satire...

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