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Modern history 1800-1899

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Modern history 1800-1899 (V144): Historical studies of the period 1800-1899.

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Document A New Form of Expression: Julia Margaret Cameron’s Photographic Illustrations of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Poetry, Hannah Sothern

This article considers how the early British photographer Julia Margaret Cameron used the aesthetic language of the Pre-Raphaelites to illustrate...

Document Apparitions and Appearances: Ghost Stories and Paranormal Research in the Nineteenth Century in Mary Louisa Molesworth and Ada Goodrich Freer, Muhamet Alijaj

Literature on the supernatural became very popular in Victorian society. Ghost stories became widespread and veridical literature and studies on...

Document Magical Materialism: The Role of Costume in the Rituals of The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn and E. Nesbit’s The Enchanted Castle, Brynne Laska

The dominance of scientific rationalism and the authority of organised religion in the Victorian era set the preconditions for dissent as the...

Document Mirroring Mothers: Self-Identity and the Maternal Threat in George Eliot’s Adam Bede and Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Lady Lilith, Olivia Bam

An analysis of the character Hetty Sorrel in George Eliot’s Adam Bede (1859) and Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Lady Lilith (1868) as reflections of the...

Document On the Eve of Famine: Two Ideals of Irish Nationhood in 1842, Siobhan Frances Fallon

This article reflects on views of Irish nationhood. By the early 1840s, the effects of Union with Britain had generated in Ireland a desire for...

Irish famine, national identity, Fine arts, Newspapers view
Document Picturing the Future: The Feminist Orientation of Portraiture in The Ebony Frame and an Example of Victorian Spirit Art, Cathy Jewison

As a visible expression of Victorian culture, portraiture reflected the many and varied interests of the era, including a preoccupation with death...

art history, Literature, spirituality, feminism, Victorian Culture view
Document Pomp and Privation in Victorian India, Kapil Komireddi

This essay examines British colonial rule in late nineteenth-century India through the lens of two contemporaneous artefacts. Each vivifies a...

Victorian Culture, Indian history, Famine, Social history, 19th century, Photography, Newspapers, Literature view
Document Power and Identity: Indian Clubs as a Vehicle for Comprehending Material Culture, George D. Lee

People assign meaning to objects, or accept meaning provided to them by others. Using the history of Indian clubs as a vehicle, an analysis model...

Document Protesting Peterloo: The ‘Fanciful’ and the ‘Domestic’, Helen Leach

This essay will explore two artefacts produced in response to the Peterloo Massacre in 1819; Percy Bysshe Shelley’s The Masque of Anarchy and John...

19th century, Social history, engraving, Literature, Reform view
Document Sacred Profanity: Decoding the Lily in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s The Blessed Damozel, Julie Ann Whyman

It would be all too easy to dismiss Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s flowers as frivolous nosegays if it were not for their proliferation, compositional...

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