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Poetry writing

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Poetry writing (W820): The study of/training in the writing of poems.

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Document A New Form of Expression: Julia Margaret Cameron’s Photographic Illustrations of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Poetry, Hannah Sothern

This article considers how the early British photographer Julia Margaret Cameron used the aesthetic language of the Pre-Raphaelites to illustrate...

Link C.K. Williams: A Life in Poems (2010 Esmond Harmsworth Lecture)

The Annual Esmond Harmsworth Lecture in American Arts and Letters, given by Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner C.K. Williams on 'A Life...

Creative Writing, Poetry, Poetic Language view
Link Close reading

Step-by-step guide to the process of close reading, in respect of poetry.

Analysis, Creative Writing, Criticism, Poetry, Poetic Language view
Document Commas

A practical approach to using commas in creative writing.

Creative Writing, Rewriting, Poetry, Prose, Commas view
Link Creative Writing Workshop

The Creative Writing Project from the V&A

Creative Writing view
Link Digital Poetry

An investigation of the theory and practice of digital or new media poetry. This resource is for the technically-minded creative writer. The...

Analysis, Creative Writing, Digital Poetry, Poetic Language, Poetry view
Link Epic Poetry

Podcast in which David Fearn and Andrew Laird of Warwick University discuss the vagaries of epic poetry.

Creative Writing, Narrative, Poetry view
Link Forms and uses of language

Exploration of voice and how language can be used in different ways for different purposes, with reference to works by Siegfried Sassoon.

Analysis, Creative Writing, Poetry, Poetic Language, Prose, Voice view
Document Nizami extracts

Three extracts from Nizami's works, in Englsh translation, for study and discussion.

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry view
Document Nizami Ganjavi

An introduction by Jane Clark to Nizami's life and works, with notes on the approach we are taking on this course to mystical poetry, especially...

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry view
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