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Religious studies

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Religious studies (V620): Identification and classification of religions and the comparative study of the world's religious traditions.

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Document Uftade and the Ottoman Tradition

An introduction to the Ottoman period, the tradition of Divan poetry and music, and Uftade's life.

Document Ibn 'Arabi on Reflection in Mirrors

Extract from 'Fusus al-hikam',Chapter of Seth

Islamic Mystical Poetry view
Document Poems from Ibn 'Arabi's Diwan

A selection of poems in English translation from the Diwan of Ibn 'Arabi - covering a variety of styles and ranging from 4 single-line poems (...

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry, Ibn 'Arabi view
Document Islamic Mystical Poetry booklist

This is a booklist covering all five weeks of the course, with suggested reading for each of the four poets as well as a brief general...

Sufi poetry, Islamic mysticism view
Document Niyazi Misri

A brief overview of Niyazi Misri's life

Document Week 2 Texts

The Meeting with the Simurgh: extract from 'Attar's 'Conference of the Birds'

Islamic Mystical Poetry view
Document The king, the book and the painting: the emergence of anti-Catholicism, as depicted in Beware the Cat by William Baldwin, published 1570 and King Edward VI and the Pope by unknown artist, circa 1575, Jacqueline Callcut

Edward VI’s dying thoughts were of the looming threat to his kingdom of ‘papistrye’. Others at the same time shared this concern: William Baldwin’...

Document Kirmani poems

A selection of 4-line poems or quatrains (ruba'i) by Kirmani on different themes (repentance, Sufi path, lover and beloved, and union and the...

Kirmani, Sufi poetry, Islamic mysticism view
Document Uftade: poems

A series of poems extracted from Uftade's Divan.

Document Some 17th century clerical jokes from Nicholas Le Strange's Jest Book

Some 17th century clerical jokes from Nicholas Le Strange's Jest Book, published as Nicholas Le Strange, Lippincott, Merry Jeasts, 1974...

Religious history, Humour, The Church of Enga, Clergy, 17th century view
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