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Russian history

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Russian history (V225): Historical studies of Russia.

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Document Alexander Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Short extracts from Solzhenitsyn's seminal novel for criticism and review.

Stalin, Russian, 1950s, Cold War view
Document Key Timeline Russia & the Road to Revolution

Some key dates & themes relating to the downfall of Tsardom and the outbreak of revolution

Russian Revolution, Russian Empire, 1917 view
Document Key timeline Russia and the Rise of Stalin

Some key dates and themes on the USSR and Stalin's Rise to Power

Stalin, Russian Revolution, Cold War view
Document Lenin's Rise to Power - key timeline

A timeline showing key issues and events associated with Lenin's takeover of Russia

Document Mikhail Bulgakov The White Guard

Short Extracts from Bulgakov's seminal novel for criticism and review

20th century, Russian Revolution, ukraine, white guard view
Link Russian Revolution

Key sources on the Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution, Russian history, Russian Empire view
Document Russian Revolution timeline

A timeline of key issues and events leading to the collapse of Tsardom and the February Revolution

Link Spartacus Educational

Vast collection of short articles on many aspects of British history, with good links between subject areas.

Politics, Industrial Revolution, History view
Link Stalin's Russia

Contemporary Account of Stalin's death

Stalin, Twentieth century, Russian Revolution view
Link The Final Days of the Soviet Union 1991

The events of August 1991 led to the Soviet Union, and President Gorbachev, being consigned to the history books.

Malcolm Brinkworth, a BBC...

Soviet Union, Cold War, Twentieth century, Gorbachev, History view
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