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Social history

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Social history (V320): The interpretation of the underlying processes of change in society. Includes the study of the growth and development of societies in history.

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Link George Romney: Emma Hart as Circe c.1782

This link takes to to some useful information about George Romney's painting of  Emma Hart as Circe, c.1782, in the Tate Gallery, London

Emma Hamilton, Emma Hart, Nelson, Sir William Hamilton, George Romney, Portraiture, Collectors, 18th century, Long 18th Century view
Document Agricultural revolution week 1 slides


Agricultural history, agricultural revolution, 17th century, 18th century, 19th century view
Link British Women's History

Concentrates on British women's emancipation since the Renaissance, bringing together many primary sources and presenting essays, summaries and...

Gender, Women, Sufferage, History view
Link Hidden Lives - Children in Care 1881-1918

Unique archive material about poor and disadvantaged children cared for by The Waifs and Strays' Society (later the Children's Society) in the...

Children, Poverty, 19th century, 20th century, Victorian, Edwardian, Social reform, Charities, Houses & housing, History view
Document Private Spaces for Public Consumption: Female Privacy as Erotic Satire in Eighteenth-Century British Print Culture, Ruby Rutter

Female privacy in eighteenth-century British print culture was often represented as facilitating salacious and debauched behaviour. The...

18th century, satire, feminism view
Document Protesting Peterloo: The ‘Fanciful’ and the ‘Domestic’, Helen Leach

This essay will explore two artefacts produced in response to the Peterloo Massacre in 1819; Percy Bysshe Shelley’s The Masque of Anarchy and John...

19th century, Social history, engraving, Literature, Reform view
Document Symbols of Behaviour in mid-17th Century English Coffee Houses, Scott Shriner

Coffee drinking became popularized in England during the dawning of the Commonwealth period and into mid-18th century. The interest in this...

coffee house, 17th century, Social history view
Document The Age of Nature: Tracing the influence of Émile on the representation of boyhood in The Brummell Children and the opening chapters of Tom Brown’s Schooldays, Mark Grogan

No summary can do justice to the diversity of formative experience available in the late eighteenth to mid nineteenth century to the children of...

18th century, Childhood, Joshua Reynolds, 19th century view
Document The Angel in the House and Fallen Women: Assigning Women their Places in Victorian Society, Sarah Kuhl

This article juxtaposes Coventry Patmore’s poem ‘The Angel in the House’ and William Holman Hunt’s painting ‘The Awakening Conscience’, examining...

Pre-raphaelite, 19th century, Victorian, Gender, feminism, Poetry view
Document The English Tea-Table: The Domestic Feminisation Of An Exotic Commodity, From The Arrival Of Tea In England circa 1660 To 1760, Maggie Henderson-Tew

‘Along with air and water, tea is the most widely-consumed substance on the planet.’1 This rather startling statement underlines the position of...

tea, Gender, Furniture view
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