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Spanish literature

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Spanish literature (R420): The study of Spanish literature using the techniques of literary analysis and interpretation.

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Link Literatura en la clase de español: Ana María Matute

Activity to introduce students in Spanish literature through two short stories by the writer Ana María Matute. The activity is oriented to...

Spanish Intermediate, Spanish literature, Spanish culture, Spanish for teachers, Spanish activities, Spanish advanced view
Link Spanish: con mis propias manos

This material provides tools to talk about art, to express likes and dislikes and express feelings about different situations. Also, it allows...

Spanish Intermediate, Spanish for teachers, Spanish for students, Spanish conversation, Spanish activities, Spanish resources, Spanish culture, Latin American culture view

A website with lots of material for teaching Spanish. Oriented to teachers and students of all levels, it provides a wide set of resources...

All levels Spanish, Spanish grammar, Spanish activities, Spanish culture, Spanish resources, Spanish for teachers, Spanish for students view
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