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Theology & religious studies not elsewhere classified

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Theology & religious studies not elsewhere classified (V690): Miscellaneous grouping for related subjects which do not fit the other Theology and Religious studies categories. To be used sparingly.

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Document Introduction to Mystical Islamic Poetry 6

An overview of the period 1390-1518 spanned by the four poets studied on this course: Hafez (d.1492); Kabir (d. 1518); Jami (d.1492); A'ishah al-B...

Mysticism, Poetry, Islam view
Document Magical Materialism: The Role of Costume in the Rituals of The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn and E. Nesbit’s The Enchanted Castle, Brynne Laska

The dominance of scientific rationalism and the authority of organised religion in the Victorian era set the preconditions for dissent as the...

Document ‘Come and Let Us Sweetly Join’: Engaging with the Dynamics of Early Methodist Practice and its Persecution through an Examination of Two Artefacts Related to the Love-Feast, Yvonne Farley

As proto-Methodism spread and developed in the early to mid-eighteenth century the movement was challenged by excessively vituperative satire...

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