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Theology & religious studies

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Theology & religious studies (V600): The study of the nature of divinity and of beliefs in their social context.

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Document Shushtari: poems

The poems of Shushtari, who has been called 'the Rumi of western Islam', are famous throughout North Africa, and are a wonderful combination of...

Shushtari, Sufi poetry, Sufism view
Document Baba Farid: proverbs

Baba Farid was renowned for pithy proverbs which encapsulated teachings. This selection has been made for group discussion.

Farid, Chishti, Sufis, Sufi poetry view
Document Shushtari introduction

A brief introduction to the great mystical poet from al-Andalus, Abu al-Hasan al-Shushtari: an overview of his life and the special kind of poems...

Sufi poetry, Sufism view
Document Baba Farid: poems

There are several poems attributed to Baba Farid, in Persian and Punjabi. This is a selection from various sources and translators.

Farid, Chishti, Sufi poetry view
Document Symbols of transcendence: how religious and fantastic symbols approach the ineffability of God by Joelle David

The transcendence of a God who exceeds human mediums of representation cannot be documented by the propositional statements of...

Document Baba Farid: a life of poverty

Popularly known as Baba Farid, he is one of the distinguished medieval Muslim mystics in the Indian world, most revered in the Punjabi communities...

Chishti, Farid, Punjab, Sufi poetry, Sufism view
Link Anti-Nicene Fathers

A collection of early Christian writings (pre-Nicene Creed c. 325AD).

Early Christian, Anti-Nicene view
Link Cooperative Digital Resource Initiative for the study of religion

A database of digital images of woodcuts, photographs, slides, papyri, coins, maps, postcards, manuscripts, lithographs, sermons, shape-note tune...

Christian Artefacts view
Link Introduction to the New Testament History and Literature

A 26-lecture series by Dale B. Martin, providing a historical study of the origins of Christianity. It analyses the literature of the earliest...

Christianity, New Testament, Judaism, Apostles, St Paul view
Link Gutenberg Project

A large on-line library of classic theological titles whose U.S. copy-rite has expired. This is a particularly good resource for accessing the...

Bible view
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