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History of art

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History of art (V350): Historical study of developments in the arts and consideration of art history methods and techniques. Includes the enhancement of visual awareness and expertise as an aspect of cultural history.

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Link Art Appreciation and Techniques

A thorough and thought-provoking thematic overview of most of the principal academic means of approach to the study of the visual arts. Heavily...

Link Art Since 1940

A resource which should be used selectively. Mainly consisting of lecture notes and other such materials posted on-line, this site does contain...

Link OCL Master Art Appreciation

A highly interactive introduction to some of the key concepts used in the academic analysis of works of visual art. Useful, but markedly  thin in...

Document 'Shades Of Meaning': The Significance Of Hair Colour In Braddon's Lady Audley's Secret (1862) And Rossetti's Lady Lilith (1866–68, Altered 1872–73), Jessica Lenihan

In a culture obsessed with physiognomy, where the Victorian female body was a canvas of symbols to be read, the portrayal of hair – and...

Social history, Gender, Sexuality, 19th century view
Document A comparative study of Lady Hertford’s grotto at Marlborough and William Kent’s illustration of Spring in James Thomson's The Seasons. Richard D A Lamont

‘Poetry, Painting and Gardening, or the Science of Landscape, will forever by men of taste be deemed Three Sisters, or the Three Graces who dress...

History view
Document A Summary of 19th century British furniture style development

A Summary of 19th century British furniture style development

Nineteenth-century, Interior design, Interiors, Furnishings, Furniture, Victorian, Designers view
Document A Summary of 20th century furniture style development

A Summary of 20th century furniture style development

Twentieth-century, Interior design, Interiors, Furnishings, Furniture, Designers view
Document A Tale of Two Colstons: The Rise and Fall of A British Slave Trader’s Legacy by Ritch Sibthorpe

Abstract: The toppling of a statue of slave-trader and Royal Africa Company (RAC) executive Edward Colston during the Black Lives Matter protests...

18th century, Colston, slavery, Royal Africa Company view
Link African Art

A very thorough, if rather dry, resource which offers extensive coverage of all aspects of the subject area. Heavily dependent upon text-based...

Africa view
Link American Art

A very thorough overview of the subject area from the Saylor Foundation, which provides a useful overview of the visual arts in both north and...

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