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Biology (C100): A broadly based scientific study of living organisms, both animal and vegetable. Includes their structure, functions, evolution, distribution and interrelationships.

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Link Advances in the Study of Human Cognitive Evolution

A lecture series comprising 11 lectures on human cognition covering a wide range of topics including the evolution of language, neuroscience and...

Animal Behaviour, Primates, Cognition, Human biology, Language, Cultural learning, Lecture series view
Link An introduction to biological systematics

An advanced online course from the Open University (OpenLearn) on biological systematics. The online course consists of a mix of short text and...

Morphology, Systematics, Taxanomy, Phylogeny, Phylogenetic trees, Biogeography view
Link Animal Behavior and Welfare

A recorded lecture from Cornell University of the 2010 lecture by Temple Grandin from Colerado State University on animal behaviour and welfare....

Livestocks, Animal Behaviour, Pigs, Cattle view
Link Basic principles of genetics

An introduction to Mendelian genetics and inheritance. The site contains short basic entries for each topic as well as practice quizzes,...

Mendel, inheritance, Punnett square view
Link BBC's natural history archive

BBC's collection of short video clips from some of their impressive natural history programmes. The clips show a variety of different animals and...

Natural history, Attenborough, timelapse photography, Dinosaurs, Garden wildlife, Insects view
Link Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Solutions Using R and Bioconductor

An advanced course on computational biology and bioinformatics, where students get an overview of the use of computational biology and...

R, Biostatistics, Bioconductor, Normalization, Differential expression view
Link Birds, the Natural History Museum in London

An online resource of birds from the Natural History in London. The material contains an online discussion board for identification of birds and...

Ornithology, Birds, Archaeopteryx, bird watercolours view
Link British Trees

An introduction to British Trees crated by the Woodland Trust. Contains short entries for all British trees. Each entry contains detailed...

Plant identification, British trees, Tree guide view
Link Cancer Biology

A comprehensive online course on cancer biology comprising 9 units covering all aspects including molecular biology, cell biology and cancer...

Medical science, Cancer, Cell growth, Cancer therapy, Human diseases view
Link Cell biology course

A comprehensive online introductory course in cell biology. The course consists of 11 units covering all topics in cell biology including cell...

Cell cycle, Meiosis, Mitosis, Organelles view
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